Unbroken Designs Sea Lilies Wrist Wraps

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      Sold in pairs.


      New Wrist Wraps from Unbroken Designs offer superior quality with the added bonus of a cool design. The purpose of the wrist wrap is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or max effort lifts in pressing movements and overhead lifts. Our wrist wraps are thin and flexible and can be adjusted easily to the tension and support of your liking. Whether you are going for a max bench press or just repping out some heavy snatches, these Unbroken Designs wrist wraps will provide full support and comfort for your wrists, minimizing injury and increasing stability, which will promote stronger lifts. Our products have been tested by USA Olympic athletes, world-class Powerlifters, Strongman athletes, Crossfit Games competitors and more. Unbroken Designs is the leader in fashion-forward fitness gear.


      Directions. Place the non-string side of the wrist wrap at a comfortable place on wrist. While holding the wrap in place on the wrist, begin wrapping the wrist wrap around the wrist, aligning the stitching on top of itself with each wrap. Allow for full range of motion and some wrist bend. Each wrap around should be snug but not yet tight; tightness will be adjusted once wrapping is complete. Continue wrapping the cloth until you reach the string, then continue wrapping the string around the wrist until you reach the end of the string. Tuck the end of the string under the wrapped string to finish the wrist wrap. To tighten, twist the wrist wrap in the same direction you wrapped the wrist. To loosen, wrap in the opposite direction.


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