(Rain or shine)


Every week we host a free, friendly and social tempo run -- no strings attached. Come sweat with us!


NOTICE: Summer hours are now in effect! This run now starts at 8AM.

Open to the public, this run is a safe and welcoming space for runners of all experiences and backgrounds to come do some intervals and PUT IN THAT WORK!
Don't know what a "tempo run" is?? We'll here's how we do it...It's a fartlek style workout that consists of intervals of hard effort running with easy effort running as rest/recovery. So you'll never come to a dead stop, rather your recovery is on the move! 

Also -- Tempo pace = "comfortably hard". Not a killer effort, not your easy pace. Somewhere in between. 

Here's the weekly routine...

* We meet every Saturday @ 8:00am. Show up a few min early (especially if it's your first time).
* The run always starts/finishes at Culture Athletics (972 Queen St. E).
* Come ready to run. The store might not be open, so we can't guarentee bag check and/or a washroom. So come ready to run!
* Each week we'll offer a different Tempo Run workout. We won't share it in advance, so you just gotta show up to find out what it is.
* We start by introducing everyone and answering any initial questions. We then do an easy warm-up jog to Underpass park for dynamic warm-ups and drills to get the body primed. We'll talk through the workout and get the show on the road!
* We'll all regroup after and do a short cooldown back to the shop. Usually people go for coffee/hangs at a local coffee shop. The workout usually takes 60 to 90 min all-in.
* All paces and new faces welcome!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FAST TO JOIN US! We've got people of ALL paces and experiences that run with us, so don't be shy/intimidated. We love new people and we’re friendly (promise).  Just keep in mind that including warm up/cool down we'll be doing about 5-8km of running.
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September 08, 2022 — The Culture Athletics Team