In an industry first, METASPEED™ Sky and METASPEED™ Edge have each been
scientifically designed with a distinct type of running style in mind.


When planning their latest pinnacle innovation, the ASICS Institute of Sport Science looked at the basic formula for running speed. When considering this equation, ASICS decided to focus on trying to increase runner’s stride length to ultimately improve their speed. Through research, ASICS discovered there
are two most popular styles of running which they named "Stride" and "Cadence".

The Stride runner style extends their stride length as they run faster, while maintaining a similar cadence. 

The Cadence runner style increases both their stride length and cadence as they
run faster.

The sports scientists at the ISS were able to measure that athletes perform better when running in shoes that are optimized for their running style.


The launch of METASPEED™ Sky and METASPEED™ Edge means that runners will
no longer having to adjust their running style to suit the shoe they’re wearing.


Both featuring the same core technologies, the METASPEED™ Sky is uniquely designed to increase efficiency for Stride runners, while the METASPEED™ Edge is designed for Cadence runners.