inclusive 5km option each week

We'll continue to provide our 6:30-12 min/km pace group every week (no faster). 5km participants are still part of Ciele Sundays!!
INCLUSIVE 5KM OPTION EACH WEEK -- 6:30-12 min/km pace group every week (no faster). 5km participants are still part of Ciele Sundays!!


We have bag check, but otherwise come ready to run.
NO WASHROOM AVAILABLE -- we have bag check, otherwise come ready to run.


A winter/spring training cycle can be a grind -- it sucks, but it's true. We wanted to offer a ray of early sunshine, so we've partnered with Ciele to bring back our much loved CIELE SUNDAYS long run program. This year we've dialed it up a notch, creating a comprehensive program that's got you covered for our community's most popular races. We've done our best to cover most races, but unfortunately we couldn't account for them all.

15-weeks of long runs building up to...

  • Montreal Half-Marathon (April 20)
  • Mississauga Full Marathon (April 27)
  • Toronto Full and Half-Marathon (May 5).

Detailed calendars below.

We're also continuing with our inclusive 5km (6:30-12 min/km pace). And YES, you get your card punched for the 5km, too!

Come join us every Sunday as we get some miles in, have some good times, and give out prizes along the way. And the more you run with us, the more chances you have to win! We're offering intro + advanced options for both full and half marathon training distances (more details below).

All routes start/finish at the shop (972 Queen St E). We've got bag check and a water fountain if you need it. Please note we won't have access to a washroom, so come ready to run!

Show up for 7:45AM / we start at 8:00AM sharp.



6:30 - 12min/km pace. No faster (sorry not sorry).

Turn around at the washrooms in Tommy Thompson.


MTL - 12KM
Turn around at the intersection after the bridge.

TO - 20KM


MTL - 15KM with pacing
4K easy, 3 x 2K at race pace w 1K easy, 2K easy

TO - 20KM


MISS - 22KM (fast finish)

TO - 31KM
This is a long route, so make sure to learn it in advance.


MISS - 22KM with pacing
5K regular
4K race pace +15 sec
3K race pace
4K race pace +15sec
2K race pace -10 sec
4K regular

TO - 35KM
The end of this route looks a little confusing on the map. So make sure to learn it in advance.

Come for a run, get your card punched, get hooked up.

We've brought back everyone's favourite punch cards! Every run gets your card punched.

7/15 runs you get 25% any Ciele item from Culture Athletics.

10/15 runs you get a FREE LIMITED EDITION Ciele Sundays hat.

14/15 runs gets you entered into a raffle for an exclusive grand.

Plus we'll be giving out extra prizes (and surprises) along the way.

Guest Speakers during recovery weeks

Like any effective training plan we've included recovery weeks to give your body a chance to catch up and process the work you've been putting in. During these weeks we're bringing in experts from across the running community to talk about various aspects of endurance training. Full details to be announced, but guest speaker dates are Jan 28, Feb 25 and March 24.

Our first session will be hosted by our Head Coach, Seanna Robinson. As an experienced coach and athlete, she'll discuss her top tips on how to make the most of your training and have an effective training cycle.


We have pace leaders for a large variety of paces (from 5-9 min/km for most distances). We'll do our best to provide moderate pacers for as many groups as we can, but that being said, there's a lot of distances and multiple routes each week, so we can't guarantee leaders for all groups.

We'll start each week with people identifying their approximate pace and the distance they're running. We strongly recommend you make an effort to introduce yourself to runners going the same pace (everyone's friendly, we promise). You must also learn the routes in advance as we will not be reviewing them in-person before the run. So make sure you know where you're going!

Want to be a pace leader? DM us on IG with the calendar you're following and the you're running. We can add you in from there.


You can download a PDF version of it HERE.


Do I need to register or can I just show up?

Nope! Just show up at 7:45am

What if the weather's bad?

It's Toronto in Jan to April -- of course it's going to be bad. We're going to be out there rain, snow, sleet, whatever. We'll only call off the run if it's dangerous.

What if I can't make a run, can I still get my card punched?

Yup! You need to post your run to social media and tag @culture.athletics and @cieleathletics in an instagram using the hashtag #cielesundays. You then need to take a screen grab so you can show it to staff the next week to get your card punched. If you can't show our staff the post, you don't get the punch -- it's that simple.

Can you tell me more about the Ciele prize pack?

No. It's top secret, but it's super dope. It will be worth 14 weeks of running -- promise.

Remember you are only eligible for the grand prize if you attend ALL 14 runs! There's no other way to get entered into the raffle.

What if I am really slow?

That's okay! We can't guarentee we'll have EVERY pace group, but we have a wide variety of paces. There's gonna be SOMEONE to run with you, so don't be intimidated.

Can you show me the limited edition Culture Ciele Sundays cap?

Not yet -- they're still in production. We'll be sharing them when they're still hot off the presses.

Want to be a
pace leader?

We're always in need of volunteers to help out!